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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Garmin Colorado 300 Navigator

Now rest assure to reach all your unknown destinations with ease using the new Garmin Colorado 300 Navigator. Incorporating a barometric altimeter, SD card slot and a picture viewer, Garmin Colorado 300 shares with you all its waypoints, routes, tracks and maps wirelessly.

Rock ‘n Roller input wheel
WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
Built-in electronic compass
Built-in basemap

Allow Garmin Colorado 300 Navigator to lead your way with its advance features that include an electronic compass, high-sensitivity receiver and a color display. This innovative gadget supports GPX files for you to download geocaches. Garmin Colorado 300 Navigator is a slim and waterproof device also helps you stay tune with the changing weather conditions.

Garmin Colorado 300 Navigator can be yours at a price as affordable as £264.43.

Garmin Colorado 300 is at present available in white color.

Source: Garmin

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