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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello Kitty Laptop

Be it the kids or adults, the magic and charm associated with the cute looking Hello Kitty Laptop is irresistible. Manufactured by a Japanese company, the pink colored Hello Kitty Laptop comes equipped with bundles of advance features. Preloaded with interesting themes, wallpapers and icon of the Kitty, Hello Kitty Laptop is powered by a Celeron M423.

Crystal Body
12.1-inch screen
512 MB RAM

Hello Kitty Laptop incorporates Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 1 5K modem running on XP Home edition, Fingerprint security, Combo Drive and 40 GB hard drive. A product that is already a hit among gadget lovers, Hello Kitty Laptop is available in limited editions, so hurry and grab yours before its too late.

Hello Kitty Laptop can be yours at a price as affordable as $ 1650.00.

Hello Kitty Laptop is at present available in sweet baby pink color.

Source: KittyHell

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