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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kiss Me Phone

Wish to have a landline phone that can give your home a whole new retro look? Then go for the new and exciting shaped Kiss Me Phone. This irresistible landline phone with a shape of plum red lips has got the power to make your telephonic conversations go on and on.

Attractive shape of red lips
Pause Button
Redial Button
Switchable pulse/tone option

Kiss Me Phone, shaped as a sexy pair of lips can be yours forever as an object of envy for others. The eye-catching Kiss Me Phone measures 22 x 12 x 5 cm in dimensions. It features UK and Europeans telephone cables and adaptors. This beautifully carved out Kiss Me Phone is suitable for use by anyone over 8 years of age.

Kiss Me Phone can be yours at an affordable price of $ 35.98.

Kiss Me Phone is at present available only in red color, which ofcourse is the color of the lips.

Source: Kiss Me Phone

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Dipu_D said...

nice one , I like this gadget.........