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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Massage Cushion

Now you don’t have to bear all those backaches and neck aches, as there is something that can make you sit comfortably for hours on your office chair or airline chair. I am talking about the smooth and soft Massage Cushion. Just as comfortable as your regular pillows, the Massage Cushion features a magic button that provides you with soothing vibrations.

An attached strap that can stretch around the office or airline chair.
A large smooth cushion with a button to kick start some massaging vibrations
43 x 34 x 13 cms in size
Suitable for people above 12 years.

Well worth the price, the Massage Cushion can be easily carried along while traveling for a comfortable sitting anywhere. When accompanied with the Massage Cushion, believe it or not, you won’t feel any body ache, as it has been especially designed to relax you at times when you need to sit at one place for hours.

Massage Cushion
can be yours at a price as affordable as £12.95.

Massage Cushion is available in different lovely colors like, dark green, magenta, black and burgundy.

Source: I Want One Of Those

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