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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gone are the days when you have to search for your keys below the sofa or above your refrigerator. Use Keyfinders, a cool gizmo that helps you find your misplaced keys anywhere from your home. Believe it or not, losing your keys will now be a fun, thanks to this innovative device. Keyfinders works efficiently with 4 x CR2032 batteries.

Range of 15ft
3 sound sensitive key-ring locators
Control buttons

Keyfinders is in fact a remote control fitted with colored buttons that correspond to the colors on the keys’ locators. A simple push of the control buttons enables you to activate a beeping sound that further helps you to locate your misplaced keys. This gadget helps you find three different sets of keys with its three different colored buttons. Remember, that Keyfinders are suitable only for people ageing over 6 years of age.

Keyfinders can be yours at a price as affordable as £24.95.

Keyfinders are at present available in black color.

Source: I Want One of These

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