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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Philips Webcam share SPC1030NC/00

Watch out for 1.3-mega pixel resolution image quality on the new and advanced Philips Webcam share SPC1030NC/00. Providing you with an easy-on-the-eye webcamming, this webcam gives you 8 mega pixels resolution photos. It features an intelligent noise reduction technology that helps in enhancing the clarity of speech even in noisy environment.

Wide-angle lens
High-quality sound
Face tracking automatically
Allows changing your background

Have fun chatting with some funny fun frames using the Philips Webcam share SPC1030NC/00. This elegant looking webcam from Philips comes fitted with a 5x digital zoom. Incorporating a built-in microphone, Philips Webcam share SPC1030NC/00 also allows you to set new fun logos and fun effects.

Philips Webcam share SPC1030NC/00 can be yours at a very affordable price.

Philips Webcam share SPC1030NC/00 is at present available in black and grey combination color.

Source: Philips

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