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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor

Watching your workout progress can now be a child’s play with the new and stylish Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor. Featuring the WearLink Coded transmitter, this fitness watch helps you count burnt calories and track your workout improvement. Though it appears as a wristwatch, Polar F11 is in fact an amazing heart rate monitor that will guide you for your workout.

Polar OwnCal
Polar OwnZone
Polar Fitness Test
Polar OwnCode
Polar Weigh Management Program

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor incorporates electrodes that can pick up heart signals to let you know the status of your whole workout. This water resistant watch features a backlight, automatic/ manual target zone and visual and audible alarm. Apart from these, Polar F11 also has a low battery indicator, countdown timer and an automatic exercise reminder.

Polar F11 Wrist Watch can be yours in just $179.95.

Polar F11
is available in three exciting colors including, pink, blue and grey.
Source: Polar

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