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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stonebake Pizza Oven

Want to be an expert in making Italian pizzas? Then grab a device that helps you make the finest and delicious pizzas. Go get Stonebake Pizza Oven that has been especially designed to enable you cook delicious and crispy pizzas with ease. Capable of generating intense heat with main power, Stonebake Pizza Oven cooks a pizza in just 10 minutes.

Rotating base for an even cooking
Analogue timer
Delivers intense heat for a crisp base
Viewing panel so you can watch your food getting cooked

In Stonebake Pizza Oven, you can easily fit pizza up to 12-inches. It incorporates off, lower, upper and dual cooking settings. With Stonebake Pizza Oven, you get a separate deep pan dish for cooking and heating omelets and croissant bread. Believe it or not, pizza cooked in Stonebake Pizza Oven tastes as good as a pizza available in a happening pizza outlet.

Stonebake Pizza Oven can be yours at a price as affordable as £49.95.

Stonebake Pizza Oven is at present available with Flat Pizza stone, Deep dish pan with handles and User guide and recipe suggestions.

Source: Firebox

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