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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swarovski-coated Webcam

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Now, make your personal computer as appealing as a jewelry piece by accessorizing it with the newly launched Swarovski-coated Webcam. Studded with shining Swarovski stones, this Vicious and Divine’s Laplace Webcam is truly an innovation in the digital world.

· 2 mega pixel photo resolution
· 1.3 mega pixel video resolution
· Swarovski-studded
· Easily mountable on laptops and flat panel monitors.

Come and bedazzled with Swarovski-coated Webcam: because everything should be shiny. Compact size, sleek design all decked up with crystal clear Swarovski stones, what else would you wish to have to beautify your web cam? To add on it, this beautiful Swarovski-coated Webcam comes with an integrated flash to handle all kinds of lighting situations.

Swarovski-coated Webcam is available at a price of $ 63 approximately.

Swarovski-coated Webcam is available in black as well as in white colored Swarovski stones.

Source: Engadget

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