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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sony Reader Touch Edition

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Are you fond of reading? Then, be innovative reading on a latest device called Sony Reader Touch Edition. Now, you need not carry those heavy books along, all you need is a Reader Touch Edition that allows you to access up to 350 books from anywhere. This one is a touch screen gadget that makes reading fun and easy.

· Freehand Highlighting
· 6” Touch Screen Display
· E Ink Vizplex technology
· Compact Stylus
· Built-in Dictionary
· Memory Expansion SlotsCharges for upto 2 weeks

Sony Reader Touch Edition is a thin, light and small gadget that has the power to replace many magazines that too in an interesting way. It has the capacity to support different formats like ePub and PDF. Get the freedom of carrying hundreds of books with you in this tiny gadget brought to you by Sony.


Reader Touch Edition is presently available at a price of $299.


Sony Reader Touch Edition is available in silver, black and red color.

Source: Sony

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